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About Our Literary Agency...

Founded in 1991, our agency's purpose has remained steadfast—to work creatively and honestly with writers to maximize the potential value of their book ideas and aspiring careers. We work primarily with non-fiction and historical fiction authors. Being "of service" also recognizes our responsibility to editors and publishers to represent high-quality writers and help them create best-selling books and long-term beneficial relationships with our clients.

To achieve significant results for our clients, we work closely with them in shaping their ideas into appealing proposals and books. We work with many award-winning authors and leading content experts including: Matt May, Rich Sheridan, Lynn Robinson, Jeff Thull, Jeanne Meister, Braden Kelley, Rod Pyle, Ardath Albee, Karen Martin, et. al. Our agency's services include:

author representation contract reviews manuscript development
proposal evaluations digital content coaching small press consulting

  Client Spotlight

Leon Wildes, John Lennon vs. The USA: The Inside Story of the Most Bitterly Contested and Influential Deportation Case in US History

John Lennon vs. The U.S.A. coverCongratulations to Leon Wildes, founder and senior partner of Wildes & Weinberg, a distinguished immigration law firm, on the publication and film deal for his new book — over 40 years in the making! Leon was John Lennon and Yoko Ono's attorney during their epic battle with Richard Nixon and the US government — a case eventually won by the Lennons and Leon which became a landmark legal case relevant today. Foreword by Michael Wildes.

 John Willig, President and Literary Agent

John Willig photoCelebrating 40 years working in publishing, John often says to friends that his career actually began as a Newsday paperboy growing up on Long Island, New York. He was fortunate to be raised in a family whose passions included books, basketball, and gatherings at the beach.

After graduating from Brown University, his first job was as a sales representative in academic publishing. He soon began work as a marketing manager and then editor for HarperCollins. As his interests moved to trade publishing, he became an executive editor at Prentice Hall for business books. While at P-Hall, John enjoyed working with such authors as Henry Mintzberg, Philip Kotler and Jim Collins and acquired Mr.Collins' first book Beyond Entrepreneurship. In 1991 he decided to become a literary agent to work more closely with writers. Throughout his career as an editor and agent, John has successfully negotiated over 700 publishing agreements.

John is a member of The Author's Guild and participates at industry events including Writer's Digest conferences and the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) conferences. John is the proud father of two sons, both of whom were All-Shore Academic All Stars and graduated with honors from their respective colleges.

"I probably would not have secured a deal for Rebuilding Empires in such a short period of time without attending the Pitch Slam. Of the eight agents I met, all wanted a full book proposal. Three eventually wanted to represent me. The agent I selected, John Willig, not only won me a contract with Palgrave Macmillan, but proved to be an indispensable ally and advisor."
Thomas Lee, Writers Digest Conference Pitch Slam Attendee


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 Our Regional and Global Book Scouts and Clients

We work worldwide with a great group of publishing professionals. Our scouts and clients are now based across the U.S. and around the world. Our clients work in many countries including Japan, Singapore, Canada, Germany, U.K., New Zealand, and China.

 Sylvia Tooker, Web Manager

Sylvia Tooker photo Based in Dallas, Texas, Sylvia Tooker provides virtual web design services to solo professionals, private practitioners, and small businesses nationwide. Having previously worked for small businesses in administrative and office management positions, designing websites for them is a natural fit for her detail-oriented skills and experience.

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 Shane Bowlin, Administrative Director

Shane Bowlin, administrative director, provides support from her office in Gainesville, Florida. She has been assisting authors/small business owners virtually for over 12 years. Shane, a leader in the VA industry, has published articles and ebooks on a variety of topics, and has been interviewed for radio, print, and electronic media.


"The greats weren't great because at birth they could paint. The greats were great cause they painted a lot. I will not be a statistic, just let me be, no child left behind, that's the American scheme. I make my living off of words, and do what I love for work. Ten Thousand. Put those hours in and look what you get."
Macklemore, "Ten Thousand Hours"

"It's a complex, messy time. But there's reason to hope the future of news is bright. That's because today's world resembles nothing so much as the world 300 years ago — when Americans began experimenting with a strange new media format: the newspaper."
Olive Thompson,, Tweet All About It, Smithsonian Magazine, May 2016

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