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"On a good day, I am still convinced I have the best job in the world. Even after all these years, the unique delight in discovering a great unpublished work hasn't diminished. Sometimes you find something new and you just say Wow!"
— The late and beloved Sonny Mehta, Knopf, editor-in-chief


 Business / Economics / Entrepreneurship / Management

  • Charles Ansbach & Ernesto Sirolli, The Boundary Riders: How Organizations Can Embrace Disruptive Innovation and Achieve Renewable Business Value
  • Maria Brinck, Beyond the Leadership Monopoly: How Aspiring Leaders Can Change Organizational Cultures and Empower Our Human Potential
    See Authors' Website
  • JUST SOLD! Cynthia Kaye, Small Business Success for Big Thinkers to Michael Pye, Associate Publisher, Career Press, Red Wheel Weiser Publishers
  • JUST SOLD! Jan Rutherford and Jacquie Jordan, Becoming a Self-Reliant Leader to BenBella Publishers, Matt Holt Books
  • JUST SOLD! Jacob Stoller, Productivity Reimagined: 7 Performance-Killing Myths and the Path to Sustainable Growth to Judith Newlin, John Wiley & Sons

 Personal Finance / Investing / Trading / Real Estate

  • Paul Ollinger, The Fog of Wealth: Crazy Money Myths and Dangerous Lies We Tell Ourselves About Wealth, Retirement and Living a Good Life
    See Author's Website
  • JUST SOLD! Simon Kold, The Nature of Great Companies: How Investors Can Measure Business Quality & Durability to Judith Newlin, John Wiley & Sons

 Careers / Personal Growth / Psychology / Relationships

  • Jennifer Fraser Ph.D., Shattered Brains: How Gaslighting Impacts Our Minds and Proven Ways to Stay Safe and Sane
    See Author's Website
  • Helene Gidney & Thomas Meloche, The Art of Agile Living: A Simple & Powerful Approach to Managing Your Everyday Overwhelm
  • Justin Spizman, The Jimmy V. Code: 9 Simple Lessons for Living a Great Life — from 'The Speech"
    See Author's Website
  • JUST SOLD! Phillip Zimbardo, PhD and Robert Johnson, PhD, Psychology According to Shakespeare: What You Can Learn About Human Nature from Shakespeare's Great Plays to Jonathan Kurtz at Prometheus, Rowman & Littlefield

 Health / Wellness / Lifestyle / Parenting / Education

  • Kumiko Shibato, A Peaceful Death: Ancient Practices and New Treatments for End-of-Life Care from Japan's Death Doula
  • JUST SOLD! Jenn McGivney, Waldenomics: How to Make a Good Living While Living a Good Life — Life Lessons from America's Most Misunderstood Writer & Philosopher to Red Wheel Weiser and Michael Pye, Associate Publisher
  • JUST SOLD! Susan Newman Ph.D., Just One: The New Science, Secrets & Joys of Parenting an Only Child to Jonathan Kurtz, Prometheus Books, Globe Pequot

 History / Biography / Politics / Current Events

 Science / Technology / Sports / True Crime

  • Rod Pyle, Boldly Into the Darkness: The Inside Story of Apollo Flight Director Gerry Griffin and Leadership at NASA During the Golden Era of U.S. Spaceflight
    See Author's Website

 Special Topics / Reference / Gift Books / Humor / Pop Culture

  • Ashley Davis Bush & Rebecca Plummer, PhD, LaLa's Magical House: A Story of Loss & Life - a children's picture book
    See Author's Website


 Authors, Artists & Crafts Books from Japan

  • The Nikoli Puzzle Company, Japan
    Nikoli is the world's leading puzzle and game development company based in Japan. Nikoli published the first puzzle magazine in 1980 and has developed more that 200 original puzzles. Nikoli puzzles are used by Sony and over 100 media outlets worldwide in newspapers and magazines. Nikoli and its founder, Maki Kaji named the popular number puzzle Sudoku and has published numerous books and calendars on Sudoku with Workman Publishers. In 2008 they launched a new series of puzzle books with Sterling Publishers introducing new puzzle games such as slitherlink, heyawake, masyu, nurikabe, slitherlink and many more. See the company's Website.
  • JUST SOLD! Jumbo Sudoku to Danny Cooper at Workman, Hachette Publishers

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