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"On a good day, I am still convinced I have the best job in the world. Even after all these years, the unique delight in discovering a great unpublished work hasn't diminished. Sometimes you find something new and you just say Wow!"Sonny Mehta, Knopf, editor-in-chief


 Business / Economics / Entrepreneurship / Management

  • Scott Edinger, The Butterfly Effect: How Great Leaders Drive & Sustain Revenue Growth
    See Author's Website

  • Ralf Specht, Beyond the Start-Up: Sparking Operational Innovations to Drive Sustainable Growth

  • JUST SOLD! Traci Fenton, Freedom at Work: How Freedom & Democracy Drive Business Performance & Create a Culture People Love to BenBella Publishers

  • JUST SOLD! Gerald J. Leonard, Workplace Jazz: How Emotionally Connected Teams Thrive and Sustain Results to Business Expert Press

  • JUST SOLD! Matthew Mottola and Matthew Coatney, Our BIG Leap Forward to HarperCollins Leadership

  • JUST SOLD! Edward Segal, The PR Crisis Emergency Kit: 101 Lessons for Surviving and Thriving When the S*** Hits the Fan to Nicholas Brealey, Hachette Publishers

 Personal Finance / Investing / Trading / Real Estate

  • Jill Gianola and Margaret Price, Single Women & Money: Blasting the Bag Lady Fears & Achieving Financial Security
    See Author's Website

  • Paul Ollinger, The Fog of Wealth: What an Early Facebook VP Learned About Striking It Rich and Life, Money and the Value of Not Retiring Early
    See Author's Website

 Careers / Personal Growth / Psychology / Relationships

  • Patrick Henry Hansen, Power Plays: 25 Lessons for Leaders from History's Great Underdogs
    See Author's Website
  • Patrick Kilcarr, PhD, Leading an Emotionally Intelligent Life: Expanding Your EI to Make Courageous Decisions and Transform Your Life
    See Author's Website
  • Linda Rossetti, The Gift of Uncertainty: A New Approach to Mastering Life's Transitions
    See Author's Website

  • JUST SOLD! Ashley Davis Bush, The Art and Power of Acceptance to Octopus/Hachette

  • JUST SOLD! Ashley Davis Bush, The Little Book of Spiritual Bliss to Octopus/Hachette

  • JUST SOLD! Christine Perakis, Esq., The Empowering Storm: Becoming Your Own Storm Warrior in Business and Life to Sourcebooks

 Health & Wellness / Lifestyle / Parenting

  • Erica Mills Barnhart, The Energetics of Language: Using the Power of Words to Reach Your Full Potential and Rock Your World
    See Author's Website

  • Maggie Fox, Unnatural Healing: How America's Healthcare System is Driving People to Alternative Medicine and Costly Quackery
    See Author's Website

  • JUST SOLD! Molly Fletcher, The Energy Clock to Simple Truths/Sourcebooks

  • JUST SOLD! Bruce Hartman, Your Faith Has Made You Well to Post Hill Press

 History / Biography / Politics / Current Events

  • Bethany Bradshar, The Big Rock: A Million Dollars in Prizes, Thousands of Fans and the Elusive Hunt for a Half Ton Blue Marlin
    See Website

  • Edward Segal, Campaign Trains in American Politics: How Whistle-Stopping Politicians Use Trains to Win Our Hearts, Minds and Votes With Photo-Ops, Sound Bites and Social Media
    See Author's Website and Blog

  • JUST SOLD! Cedric Alexander, Ph.D, The Fourth Branch: How America's Real "Deep State" Will Save Our Democracy to Berret-Koehler Publishers

  • JUST SOLD! Jack Bray, Alone Against Hitler: Kurt Schuschnigg's Struggle to Save Austria and Warn the World

 Historical Fiction / Thrillers / True Crime

  • Iris Frank, Pontiac Rising: From Bone to Steel
    "On the eve of his first kill in battle a blood-soaked young warrior, named Pontiac, awakens a prophecy told on the year of his birth. The signs point to him as the chosen warrior, meant to lead his people out of impending extinction. The prophecy is delivered by Awa-Han, a haunting, young, beauty and powerful seer. Her words clearly point an accusing finger at one of the invading European powers that seek to claim the ancestral land of the Natives Americans. Pontiac's people find themselves at the center of two warring empires, fighting to control the lucrative fur trade. Blindly addicted to the trade goods of the French and British, the tribes hesitate to see the impending apocalypse." — From the Synopsis/Treatment

 Science / Technology

  • JUST SOLD! Rod Pyle, Interplanetary Robots and Heroes of the Space Age to Prometheus Publishers

  • JUST SOLD! Josh Rappoport, Living in a Post-Genomic World to BenBella Books

 Special Topics / Reference / Gift Books / Humor / Sports / Pop Culture

 Artists and Authors from Japan

  • The Nikoli Puzzle Company, Japan
    Nikoli is the world's leading puzzle and game development company based in Japan. Nikoli published the first puzzle magazine in 1980 and has developed more that 200 original puzzles. Nikoli puzzles are used by Sony and over 100 media outlets worldwide in newspapers and magazines. Nikoli and its founder, Maki Kaji named the popular number puzzle Sudoku and has published numerous books and calendars on Sudoku with Workman Publishers. In 2008 they launched a new series of puzzle books with Sterling Publishers introducing new puzzle games such as slitherlink, heyawake, masyu, nurikabe, slitherlink and many more. See the company's Website.

  • Kuniko Kanawa, The Art of Japanese Kanzashi Design
    "Atelier Kanawa" means "the studio to produce Japanese harmony and peace" and it is run by Kuniko Kanawa, a professional Tsumami Kanzashi artisan and certified Kimono consultant whose work appears at the Japanese American National Museum. Through intensive training by one of only five master Kanzashi artisans in Japan, Kuniko's passion to preserve this beautiful traditional art and crafts has led to her working on her book in part as a memorial for her master trainer. It introduces the authentic Tsumami Kanzashi as well as the modern Kanzashi focusing of how to preserve this traditional art and culture. Kuniko's art, hairpins, and jewelry can be viewed at her website and will be the basis of her new book and crafts kit.

  • JUST SOLD! Super Hard Sudoku to Workman Publishers

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John with Maki Kaji, the father of Sudoku
John with the Nikoli Publishing Executives
 John with Taro Yaguchi, Founder of Taro's Origami Studio


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