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"A person's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions."

... Oliver Wendell Holmes

 We are most interested in projects in the following topic areas:

We work primarily with non-fiction writers.

  • Business and Management
  • Business Narratives
  • Careers
  • Gift and Reference Books
  • Health, Fitness and Aging
  • History and Politics
  • Literary Non-Fiction
  • Mind, Body, Spirit
  • Personal Finance, Investing and Trading
  • Personal Growth and Psychology
  • Science
  • Sports
  • Technology and Trends
  • True Crime

We welcome authors submitting to us a one page synopsis of their project via E-mail only.

We will evaluate all submissions and, if interested, respond with further requests for proposals and sample chapters.

The outline should address the following: given your knowledge and experience in the topic field, what is unique about your work and presentation and what features will garner enthusiasm with editors and their respective marketing teams. Essentially, why is someone going to spend $30 on your book vs. all their current information choices?

In addition, you should provide information about all of your activities supporting the new book's message in the marketplace such as speaking engagements, workshops, social media marketing, media appearances,etc. All honors and awards for your work and writing should be noted.

 Content Coaching & Literary Advisory Session

"Our proposal was solid when we met John. His advice, however, made our proposal sensational!"
 — Mark Rodgers, Author of Accelerate the Sale, McGraw Hill

"Thanks again for an extremely valuable phone coaching session. I left feeling inspired and well-informed and have been researching and writing non-stop since our session."
 — Whitney Keyes

You can schedule a coaching session with John who will review your work (proposal, sample chapters or manuscript) and make recommendations for significant improvements. Included is a discussion about the publishing business and your options — self-publishing vs. 'traditional' vs. digital; your current ideas or plan; the proposal you have been submitting to publishers without success (in any topic area); promotion and publicity strategies, etc., you can now book a coaching session dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and publishing success.

*This service is not a prerequiste to becoming a client of Literary Services Inc. and is not a fee required of potential clients/writers.

Content & Contract Coaching Services

John also offers an intensive manuscript development and recommendations service. Fees will depend on the amount of manuscript to review and will include multiple conferences to discuss and improve your work.

"Publishing executives know that only a tiny portion of the books published in this country — some studies say 500 a year (when we publish close to 200,000) — ever break the 100,000 copy mark. Likewise, they know that to earn back million dollar advances, they have to sell at least that many copies....yet, who really knows what will sell? Bestseller lists are loaded with books that even the most optimistic publisher could never have predicted would become blockbusters — think Marley and Me, The Lovely Bones, Water for Elephants, etc."
 — With thanks to Sara Nelson, Publishers Weekly, "Even the Sky's Not the Limit", 11/06/2006

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Content Coaching and Strategy Services

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